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Health & Safety


Rubadue Wire is committed to protecting our employees, customers, and our environment. Safety is our first priority. The foundation of our safety program is a systemic dedication to focus on safety in all aspects of the business. We analyze and investigate all functions and tasks to determine the safest possible process. Through extensive training, communication and procedures we ensure that safety is part of our culture.

Rubadue Wire Co., Inc. UL AWM File E78621

Rubadue Wire Co., Inc. Single – Multi-layer Insulated Winding Wire File E206198

Rubadue Wire Co., Inc. VDE Certificates

Environmental Compliance

All of our products that are insulated with fluoropolymer resins are RoHS and Reach SVHC compliant, including our PVC products unless otherwise specified. Every product that is RoHS compliant is marked as such on the box, reel, and in the attached test report. The European Union has different substance regulations and we cannot guarantee that our products meet industry specific legislation without notification. However, since we are a manufacturer of an electrical good we do meet all applicable legislation for our products.